Are your daily positive affirmations not working? Then read this..

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It's been some months now, maybe years, that you have been trying to incorporate positive affirmations in your daily routine and you have managed to do so, every day, but you haven't yet seen any results out of them.

You have read a lot of books about MANIFESTATION and THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, but you don't seem to see any drastic change in your life, until now.

You have used many notebooks writing down YOUR DESIRES and YOUR DREAMS. But you feel that they are still out of reach.

So, what have you been doing wrong?

You did everything that that amazing book said and that many successful people reccomended. So, why aren't you in their shoes by now?

''Maybe this thing does't really work'', you start thinking.

''Maybe I am not ready yet, I should read one more book'', you question yourself.

Well, let me tell you something.

If your positive affirmations don't feel like they're real, then you cannot manifest them.

Have you ever felt that they are a joke, when you say them outloud? That this is just your imagination and nowhere near reality?

Do you feel like you are lying to yourself, every time you hear them coming out of your mouth?

Do you know why you have been feeling this way?


Your affirmations cannot manifest in reality because they are not based on YOUR TRUTH.

You think that whatever you are saying is just a wish and not a reality that you truly enjoy living.

So, let's see what you can do in order to change that.

Instead of calling them YOUR DESIRES, start calling them YOUR TRUTHS and focus only on things that you have already felt at times that were super real and were feeding your soul!

Like the amazing taste of a well-made ice-cream! Or the unconditional love you had felt when you fell in love for the first time! Or the feeling of calmness everytime you listen to the rain!

These are the moments that TAKE US HIGHER. The moments that we stop for a second and we realize how beautiful life can be! The moments that we are not bombarded by thoughts, but practising self-awareness and gratitude for whatever is happening to us!

Isn't this the way we really want to feel each and every day?

If you gather all these moments then you have your dream life in front of you, right?

Like every day of the month you want it to be your payday. This feeling of having money. You want to have it every day, right?

So, start journaling about THESE TRUTHS, based on your own values. Dig them up from your memories and make them your everyday affirmations.

Start by saying : ''I LOVE .. ( DOING THAT..) ... ( BEING THAT...) ... ( HAVING THAT...) ...''

Then, you can realize that you truly believe them.


You had this feeling before, so why not now?

Just tune in and match their vibration.

That's all!

** small example of today's affirmations for me.

'' I love making people happy and showing them that everything is possible in life.''

'' I love summer. The long days. The warm weather. The ease. The good mood. The walks. The sun on my skin.''

'' I love having a team and working side by side with others. I love combining my creativity with the ideas of others.''

( All these feel real, 100%, and that's why they can manifest! )

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