''Ferrero Rocher'' Energy Balls made Healthy & Easy!

When I first started making the switch from processed foods to a healthy home-cooked diet, I was searching for ways to substitute all those ''bad-for-you'' foods, full of unhealthy sugars, fats, flours, -let alone all the chemical preservatives used in them-, with healthy alternative recipes that I could make at home that provide me with all the nutrients that my body needs!

To be clear, I am coming from a home where my mum have super amazing cooking skills and makes everything delicious... so, of course, my tastebuds were used to REALLY DELICIOUS FOODS.

I was very committed and sure that I could find a new healthy way to eat all of my favourite foods and tastes in a healthy way, with some small compromises.

Of course, this mostly comes to sweets, desserts and usual “comfort food”, like pizza, fries etc.

So, since day one, I decided I didn’t want to compromise when it comes to taste!

The new recipes didn’t have to taste exactly the same as the old “unhealthy” ones, but, for sure, they had to be DELICIOUS.

No compromises on that part!

In all of my research, I have found that JUICY DATES can totally substitute so many sweeteners in a recipe or your cravings for something sweet and is one of the first things that I recommend to each one of you!

If you haven’t tried dates, now is the time.

Trust me.

They are delicious, super sweet and packed with nutrients!

One of my favourite ways to eat them, except just plain, is to create ENERGY BALLS. These little balls, that look like candies, are super tasty as a snack or dessert!

Here, I am sharing with you my “Ferrero Rocher” healthy alternative that you can easily make at home with only 4 ingredient!


  • 1 cup roasted Hazelnuts (without skin)

  • 2 tbsp Flaxseeds

  • 1,5 tbsp Cacao Powder

  • 1,5 cups Juicy Dates (without stones)


First, start by adding into a food processor or blender the hazelnuts and the flaxseeds and blend them until they break down, but before forming a butter.

Then, add the cacao powder and blend just for a bit until mixed.

After that, just add the last ingredient to the blender, the dates! Blend until they totally combine together and they move all together, like a big mass.

Finally, take this big ball out and start forming smaller balls of the size that you want.

You can also add toppings like I did here!

Crushed hazelnuts, cacao powder, even dark chocolate!

Keep them in the fridge so that they stay firm and ready to eat whenever you need them!

These measurements make around 18-20 medium-sized balls.

You can totally eat them for breakfast, as a snack or a late-night dessert, no problem with that!

I think that they taste slightly better that Ferrero Rocher! 😂

You will love them, your friends and family will love them too!


Let me know if you try and like this recipe!

Have a lovely week,

Katerina ❤️

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