Is it YOU the one who makes your choices?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

There are two kinds of influencies in our lives.

One, the influence of others.

And two, the influence of our old habits.


People around us can influence us so easily, we cannot even recognize it.

Especially, people that matter to us, like parents, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, teachers, and so on.

We can feel their energy, their thoughts and we can see the way that they are thinking.

Unfortunately, if this energy is negative and full of fear, we can feel it too and maybe, this will lead to a change of our energy and thoughts, as well.

Then, we tend to avoid people that make us feel bad about something that we do or who we are.

But this does not help us at all, because we just keep avoiding and not really learning how to protect our own energies and how to just listen to our own intuition, no mater what.

So, every time we get in touch with this kind of people we feel their negative emotions again and again.

Now, how have I been trying to deal with this lately?

I try to give some space in the moment and tell my self "This is the opinion of others. It is not my opinion and it is not the way I feel. So, I just let it go. Do I feel good with myself? Do I feel completely aligned? Then, there is no reason to misalign now because of probable fears and negative emotions of others. I am good with myself."

This helps me put some boundaries around me, in order to protect my own energy and, at the same time, allow others to be who they want and have their own opinions.

Of course, this may not work every single time. But, by practicing it often, it would become so much easier day by day. And you will see that you will feel peaceful and more certain with your decisions.


This is a hard one.

We are people that love repetition. Love to feel secure and know the exact results that we are going to get as an outcome of our actions.

WE LIKE OUR COMFORT ZONE. Where everything already exists and we don't like surprises.

WE DON'T LIKE TO TAKE RISKS. And by doing so, we get stuck and unfulfilled in situations that no longer serve us.

But, we are also evolving beings. We don't help anything and anyone by staying at the same spot for days, months, years.

And we can certainly not change a situation by doing the same things all over again.

So, what should we do about that?

Firstly, I personally try to understand where my actions come from. So, I will ask myself "Does this come from me, following my old habits that didn't get me anywhere? or is it my true self that is guiding me?"

If my answer is "My old habits.", then I think "Is this old habit helping me evolve? Is this who I want to be from now on?"

If my answer is NO, then I have to change something. I have to try something new.

Maybe it will feel scary, at first, but I have to communicate with my inner voice and let it guide me to the place that I want to go. I HAVE TO TRUST IT.

Because, that's where the magic begins.

When I stop doing the same things, get clear on my wants and start listening to my intuition.

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