No Health Coach can ever make you change your life.

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We can NOT change people, we can NOT reprogram them and we can NOT make them change their habits!

That's for sure.

No doctor ever convinced any patient to take better care of themselves.

No teacher ever convinced any student to study and work harder.

No mother ever convinced any of their kids to be polite and kind with others.


But the thing they can do, in order to spark your curiosity is to lead by example.

To make you ask yourself, how can this doctor be so healthy? How can this teacher love reading and learning new things? How can my mother be so loved by others? How can this health coach live a life of health, happiness and caring about others?

And then, they have to want to be like these people.


Think about yourself when you were young. Which teacher was your favourite one? The one who inspired you the most, either by their attitude, way of dressing or knowledge on a specific subject. You wanted to be like them. So, most likely, you had a good grade at their class. Isn't it so?

So, now, let's think.

If you want your child to change a behavior or a habit, what do you have to do?

You have to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

You have to be the one to change your behavior or your habits, in order for them to follow your example. Because you are the one person that they want to be like. You are their hero.

Now, when it comes to doctors, here is where the problem begins and the patients don't follow their advice. How will you stop smoking, when you see the doctor having one cigarette after the other?

You get it, right?

Of course, I am not saying that all doctors are like that, but, in this case, the doctor must be leading by example if he/she wants his/her patients to care about their health. It makes sense.

The same goes to health coaches. We cannot make someone change their habits, but we can, certainly, ''walk our talk'' and let them see that whatever we are doing is working out really well for us.

And then, they may consider trying out our suggestions and see how they feel. If they feel good, they will continue doing that, if not, they will stop.

That's how it goes.

So, if you want someone to take your advice, you have to lead by example!

Show off the benefits of eating healthy, being kind, loving yourself and others, and people will follow.

I am pretty sure about that.

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